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"Enhancing Sensor Functionality on Sony Spresense: The Integration of CommonSense"

Sony Spresense MCU board as a supported hardware target, positioning it as an ideal solution for a wide range of AI endeavors, especially those involving its impressive camera and microphone capabilities. Now, as SensiEDGE proudly unveils its latest product, CommonSense, developers taking a giant leap forward.

"Produced by SensiEDGE, the CommonSense expansion board introduces an impressive array of sensor capabilities to Spresense, enriching its features with a 3D accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, humidity, pressure, proximity, ambient light, UV, air quality gas, and magnetic sensors.

"In addition to its impressive array of sensors, the CommonSense board boasts an integrated rechargeable battery, a standout feature that eliminates the need for a continuous power supply.

CommonSense, the latest innovation from SensiEDGE, has officially integrated Edge Impulse platform, ushering in a new era for Sony Spresense users. With CommonSense on board, Spresense users gain seamless access to a wide array of sensors, further expanding the horizons of their Edge Impulse projects."

Within the Edge Impulse platform, users will now discover a dedicated Spresense+CommonSense target, offering direct access to data from all these sensors.

This design innovation opens up opportunities for deploying finished products in remote installations, where securing a constant power source can be challenging. Milan Yudkovich, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SensiEDGE, expressed his excitement, saying, 'We've consistently expanded sensor integration across various microcontroller platforms, empowering them with IoT capabilities.'

The introduction of CommonSense and its wide range of capabilities elevates this solution to a new level, making it a compelling choice for industrial applications and beyond.' CommonSense is readily available for purchase through Mouser, a trusted distributor.

For more detailed information, you can explore the product page."


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