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SensiTHING Environmental Monitoring Module with Wireless Charging Capability

SensiEDGE reveals SensiTHING multi-sensor System on Module with rechargeable battery and wireless charging.

SensiTHING, the latest sensor-to-Cloud module from SensiEDGE, in cooperation with Arrow Electronics, comes with the extra advantages of a smoke detector, a rechargeable LiPo battery with 1%-accurate gas gauge, and cable-free wireless charging using the provided wireless power transmitter. All this, in addition to context sensors from leading manufacturers chosen for high accuracy and low power consumption.

The on-board sensors include the Analog Devices ADXL362 3-axis accelerometer, which has sensitivity of ±1mg and can detect positional change as fine as ±0.1°. In addition, the SiLABS Si7006-A20 precision 12-bit relative-humidity sensor delivers 5% accuracy and the ADT7420 temperature sensor with ±0.20°C accuracy and 0.0078°C resolution is known for its outstanding stability. SensiThing never needs calibration and can be used for medical equipment test purposes.

The Analog Devices ADPD188BI photometric smoke detector with integrated light sources analyses two wavelengths to minimise false positives and allow SensiTHING to detect different types of smoke, dust, and water vapour. And with a generous 8M-bit SPI Flash on-board, SensiTHING comes perfectly prepared for long-term data logging.

The module is built around the SiLABS BGM13P Blue Gecko SoC, which integrates an EFR32™ microcontroller featuring diverse user accessible analog and digital peripherals, and a Bluetooth®5.0 (BLE/Mesh) radio. The radio’s +19dBm transmit power and -103.2 dBm receive sensitivity ensure reliable, low-power wireless connections up to 200 metres. Pre-certification to FCC, CE, IC/ISEDC, and MIC/Telec standards simplifies international product approval.

The microcontroller provides rich connectivity, including SPI and I2C interfaces, UART, USART, and four GPIOs that can be configured to handle numerous different functions and interfaces with full available speed. SensiTHING goes further by adding an AD5592R configurable 8-channel ADC/DAC/GPIO expander on-board. With 12-bit DAC and ADC resolution, and a built-in high-accuracy 2.5V reference, the AD5592R enables users to target an even wider range of applications.

Moreover, as a state-of-the-art IoT device, SensiTHING leverages tough cyber-protection hardware built into the microcontroller including cyclic redundancy check (CRC), true random number generator (TRNG), and two cryptographic accelerators for AES 128/256, SHA-1, SHA-2 (SHA-224 and SHA-256) and ECC.

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