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SensiEDGE Design Services
ready to start
your next project

From idea following prototyping, and finally mass production, SensiEDGE rapid prototyping can be your single point of contact during your route to market. 

Entire team of experts in house ready start your project:  Hardware Design, Layout PCB, Software development, PCB assembly services and industrial grade 3D printing.

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Remove/Add Sensors or change PCB form factor

Hardware Customization

Design and Customization to fit different form factors, optimize component usage to reduce BOM costs and develop price competitive solution.

Programming Console

Firmware, Linux, Windows, Android/iOS APPs or Cloud Service

Development from node to Cloud including Cloud, APP, firmware and configuration of the gateways. 

Professional Meeting

Team of Experts from variety of fields

Complete Project Delivery

Production of any quantity with Certification, plastic enclosure, Hardware and Software Customization. 

Let SensiEDGE handle the logistics, so you can focus on tasks that are value-add for your growing business

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